• Yussuf Daud PAC University
Keywords: Aid, localization, grassroot organizations, humanitarian relief


This article attempts to offer an accentuated understanding of the dynamics of localization of aid given that calls for greater resource allocation and control by local actors has been mooted by scholars. Aid localization commits and directly provide for development and emergency aid to grassroot organizations, where the goal is to eliminate intermediaries and bring aid closer to where it is most needed. Despite the ongoing debate on localization of humanitarian relief, it appears that many of the local non-profit organizations, particularly those in the Global South, lack adequate capacity to effectively utilize aid for realization of higher order objectives. The question on the future of non-profit leadership is conspicuous in the review of literature, where scholars suggest that dissemination of knowledge from international aid organizations to the local organizations is critical in shaping the future non-profit leadership. Drawing from existing evidence, this paper finds that greater empowerment of the local organizations in terms of increased resource allocation and greater control in decision-making is sine qua non for aid effectiveness. The paper underscores that localization of aid builds and strengthens the capacities of local actors to provide long-term answers to the recurring challenges faced by communities. The paper recommends that localization of aid can be effective if gaps in the local capacity are appraised with a view to offer support in noted gaps and encourage local organizations to undertake leadership in the conceptualization, design, and implementation of interventions. However, the extent to which the capacity gap, such as financial management, leadership and monitoring and evaluation, has been cured through diffusion of knowledge, skills, and expertise from seasoned international organizations remains an interesting area that needs further research, which were initially missing among local actors.

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Daud, Y. (2021). LOCALISATION OF AID- THE FUTURE OF NON-PROFIT LEADERSHIP IN AFRICA: A REVIEW OF LITERATURE. PAC University Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 3(1), 1-14. Retrieved from https://pacujass.pacuniversity.ac.ke/index.php/PACUJASS/article/view/42